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**disclaimer - this is a work of fiction. meaning all characters and events appearing in this story are made up. any resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental.**

I. “you miss me?”


I pulled up in Aug’s driveway and took my keys from the ignition before tossing them into my tote. I secured it on my arm afterward and jumped down from my ride, headed for the front door. He had told me he would leave it unlocked for me, so I went ahead and let myself in. 

“August! I’m here,” I yelled from the foyer, pushing my glasses down into my bag. And I laughed to myself while I waited for him, because I knew he would have something slick to say about what I was wearing today.

“Uuuuunh. Look at’a.”

I laughed aloud as he appeared on the stairs, showing me all of his teeth. “Hey, baby.”

“C’mere.” He walked over and greeted me with that smile, welcoming me into a very healthy embrace. “Wazzam,” he asked, arms still around my waist and his hand rested on my backside after the much invited squeeze that came with most of his hugs. 

I went up for a kiss. After all this time, I still had a crazy infatuation with those lips. “…You ready?”

“Yeah.” He let me out of his grasp, but he stepped back and pulled my cover up open before he even attempted to get his things. And it was made like a really long cardigan, so it came open pretty easily. “You really lef’ da house like this, though?” 

I giggled at the serious ass expression on his face as he glanced back up at me.


“Shouldn’t that be, like… against the law or some shit?”

“I have on a cover up, fool,” I laughed, opening it a little wider and taking a quick look at myself. I had on my brown, snake print bikini and a simple pair of black espadrille wedges. I mean, nothing major. “And we are going to the beach, aren’t we?”

“Um hmm. You might be ‘bout ta get wet fo’ we get there, doe.” 

I cackled as he opened it up again to get another peek. “You play too much.”

He had his hands all over me and his eyes had been nowhere near mine for the longest. My body had all of his attention. “Baby, you look so good.” 

“August, don’t start.” 

“Nah. For real, man. Lemme show you somethin’ real quick,” he grinned, finally looking up at my face.

I just rolled my eyes. He knew how to get his way. “Show me what?”

“I’ma let you feel it.” He had switched it up on me; using his sexy voice, licking his lips and shit. 

I smacked my mine, sighing right after. “But, baaabe,” I whined, “we already late. It’ll be dark soon and you ‘bout to make us miss the… bonf…” My words began to trail off once he leaned in and introduced those lips to my neck. I took a deep breath and licked my own lips as he slid my bag from my arm, then I heard it hit the floor. “Kore and Jason are wai… waiting for us,” I tried again. “August.”

“Vani, its been so long, ma,” he whispered into my ear. In response, I very reluctantly put my hands to his chest and forced him away. He came up and screwed his face at me, gripping my waist and pulling me closer. “Come on. I’m sho’ they can wait a few mo’ minutes.” 

“Aug…” I looked into his eyes, pleading for him to just wait until later. But it had already been weeks since our last encounter, and I knew he was not about to let up. So, I guess I was done trying to stop him. “…Ok,” I sighed. “Just one time, though. That’s it.”

“Yeah,” he answered, going for my neck again and completely disregarding my words. I smacked him on the arm, trying to reiterate their importance.

“I’m not jokin’, Alsina.” 

He laughed, but he knew I wasn’t playin’ around whenever I called him by his last name. 

“Aight, man. Take this shit off,” he instructed, partially sliding my cover up from my shoulder. His hands went elsewhere before he could finish, so I slid it the rest of the way and dropped it onto my bag.

“I swear you have zero control, baby,” I giggled.

He squatted and grabbed my thighs, lifting me to wrap my legs around his waist. “But if I walked up in yo’ house naked, I wouldn’t even make it past the do’.” 

I laughed harder before I smacked my lips and gave him a nudge. “I’m not even naked.”

“Shiiiit, close enough.”

I threw my face into his neck, muffling my giggles as he leaned down to pick his duffle up from the floor. “Stupid.”

After he had everything he needed, he walked over into the kitchen and lowered me and the bag onto the counter. Then he grabbed my chin and guided me into a kiss. I wrapped him in my arms, wanting his body close, and he took his hand around to my ass. He reached over and stuck his free hand into his bag, feeling around for something as I toyed with his tongue. I decided to make a little use of my own hand, unzipping his shorts and slipping it into his briefs. I could hear that he was done rummaging in the bag and I felt his fingers creep from behind me and between my legs. I moaned into his mouth, he groaned into mine, each of us going for first place as we literally held on to one another’s willingness. He was hard as shit trapped inside my gliding fingers and I had most definitely rained all over his.

“Frontin’ like you’on want it,” he quietly breathed.

I opened my eyes and spied a rubber in the hand that had gone into his duffel bag. A smile found its way to my face and I bit my lip as he tore the wrapper open with his teeth, smiling back at me. Then he dropped it and his shorts to the floor. With one hand, he clutched the back of his collar and, in a single blink, his tank had joined the shorts. I tugged his underwear away from his waist just enough to give my soldier the space it needed to salute me, and Aug reached down to prepare it for duty. I rubbed his toned arms and shoulders in great anticipation; damn right I wanted it. Once everything was in place, he grabbed my ass with both hands and carefully pulled me to the edge of the counter. With a little help from me, he removed my bottoms, then he looked over to his left before picking me up again. And I just knew he wasn’t headed where I thought he was. 

“August,” I called, with a laugh, “the stove?”

“Yeah. You ‘bout ta feed a nigga, ya heard me?”

I fell out. “Don’t you put me on that damn stove.” 

He completely ignored my request and sat my ass right up there, front and center. Like I hadn’t said a word. And he proceeded to slide right in. I whimpered on contact and he closed his eyes, sighing deeply into my neck. He almost seemed relieved.

He brought his forehead over to mine and began to stare right up into my eyes. Our lips were parted and we were both breathing heavily into each others’ faces. There was absolutely nothing behind me that could be used for support, so Aug had his arm firmly around my waist, giving me a little leverage. I took my hands down beside my widely gapped thighs, gripping the edge of the stove. Then I used what little space and opportunity I had and I started to roll my hips, meeting his incredible stroke. 

“Fuck,” I cried, batting my lashes as my eyes began to spiral in my head.

My every breath slowly became laced with a beautiful moan as he handled my body with such precision. Lord, he knew. He just always knew what the fuck to do. How had I gone two weeks without this shit? While trying my best to figure it out, his hips started to hit me a little quicker. I furrowed my brow and clenched my jaw, throwing my hand up to his shoulder. I attempted to adjust my strategy in order to match his tempo, but I couldn’t keep up. Especially once his arm left my waist and took on the task of raising my leg into the air. The back of my thigh was pressed into his flexing bicep and our laps had become a bit closer than before. I released his shoulder and moved my arm up around his neck. Then I tossed my head back, bringing our eye contact to a resounding end. My fiery scream echoed throughout the room, letting my baby know he was doing his thing up in that kitchen today. I took my idle hand up to the vent hood above us and held on as most of my breath left me. And my sanity wasn’t too far behind. 

We had been doing this for about four months now. Without a single label. But I couldn’t say I wasn’t satisfied. And Aug seemed good with everything, too. After our first night together, and that morning, we just never quit. And, although nothing had ever been made official, somewhere along the way a few aspects of our relationship had just become… couple-like on their own. One being our time. Most of it was spent together; whether we were out somewhere, at my place or his. And, whenever we weren’t together, there were the phone calls, facetime chats, and text conversations that we often shared. We were not shy about spending a dollar or two on each other either. In fact, we did it constantly. The sex was also still very much awesome, and I think it goes without saying that there was a lot of it. 

“August, goddamn,” I fussed, transferring my grip from the edge of the stove to the flat surface behind me. I quickly got the feeling that he had been itchin’ to get me in this position as he viciously invaded my privacy. But I could definitely understand since our break had been nowhere near voluntary. It started off with a week of normal period woes, but, right at the end, a trip to funky ass Olive Garden put me in a new kind of hell. It was my first ever bout with food poisoning and, up until like two days ago, I had been living in the bathroom. I couldn’t do shit. I couldn’t go anywhere, I couldn’t eat, and I had barely slept from fear of possibly ruining my bed. I mean, it was just all bad. 

“You miss me?” 

I narrowed my eyes at him, not saying a word. My teeth were buried in my bottom lip and I knew he could tell I wasn’t at all up for conversing with him at the moment. He always did that shit, though. Annoying ass. 

“I said, did you miss me,” he repeated, drawing his hand back and smacking the shit out of my thigh. 

“Aagggh,” I yelled out in pain. “Fuck no!” Then I brought my face down from the ceiling and watched a grin form on his. Which quickly turned into us laughing. He already knew I had missed his ass. 

“I damn sho’ missed you,” he grunted, reaching to pull my top up. My breasts fell out and I took the back of his head into my palm as he showed them some love. When he came up, he dropped my leg and leaned into me, giving my lips the meanest kisses. 

I locked my ankles behind him, urging him deeper, and he felt so good. But I was also starting to experience a little discomfort. It wasn’t unusual for me to become at least a little bit hot whenever Aug worked his magic on my body, but my lower parts were abnormally warm this particular time. I don’t know how it had been done exactly, but he had turned that damn stove on. I just knew he had. And I tried like hell to ignore it, because I didn’t want him to stop, but I couldn’t. He was really getting ready to cook my ass. 

“Baby,” I whined, throwing my head back. “…Baby.” 

He took his kisses over to my neck and started to moan quietly in my ear. I sighed and rolled my eyes as the moisture doubled up where our bodies met. Damn it! If only he had left me over on the counter… 



“Baby, wait.” My right cheek was growing warmer and warmer as more time passed, and he was ignoring the shit out of me. “August,” I finally yelled, hopping down with a quickness, shoving him in the process and ending our connection. “My ass was gettin’ hot as fuck,” I blurted while pulling my top back into place. Then we both turned to the stove and watched the eye turn fire red in a matter of seconds. I had gotten from up there just in time. 

I turned back to him and he had his face down with his hand up over his mouth. I couldn’t believe it. “I know like hell you not laughing right now.” 

He peeked up and moved the hand, revealing his goofy ass smirk. “I’m sahrry.”

I looked at him like he was stupid. “You almost just burnt my ass off and you think it’s funny?” 

“Nah, I don’t.”

“So, what you laughin’ at?” After I didn’t get an answer, I just smacked my lips and pushed him out of my way. “Move.” Then I walked right past him and toward the exit. “I ain’t even messin’ with you today.”

“Come on, Vani. Don’t act like that. You know I didn’t do the shit on purpose. And how you know you didn’t turn it on?” I looked back and gave him the stalest face ever. “Aight, man. I said I was sahrry.”

“Yeah,” I very dryly replied, bending over to pick up my bottoms from the floor and continuing to walk out. 

“E, look at me.” 

I huffed as I stopped to turn to him again. “What,” I asked, rolling my eyes. 

He simply pointed down to his dick, in all its stiffness. “You gotta do somethin’.”

“Tuh!” I laughed hard as hell and upped my strut as I began to make my way out of the kitchen for the second time. “Nigga, you better grab a flick and some lotion real quick, or somethin’. Need me to get you a towel?” 

“Maaaan, fuck all’at. C’mere.” I looked back and he was coming for me at full speed, penis just flopping all over the place. I took off, cackling like crazy.


“August, stoooooop! I’ma faaall!” 

She hit the stairs and I was almost right on ha tail. “Stop runnin’ then.”


“Ooooh, when I catch you, baby. You gon’ pay.” I had to admit, she was movin’ quick as hell. But, despite that and the lil lead she had on me, I was gon’ catch ha. I wasn’t even worried ‘bout dat.

When she got to the top uh da staircase, them high ass heels started slowin’ ha down. I knew I had ha then. She was ‘bout ta run past my bedroom do’ when I flew up behind ha and threw my arm aroun’ ha waist. 

“Ok, ok, ok,” she shouted, laughin’ ha lil heart out as I picked ha up and carried ha into my room. “I give! You win!”

Ha reaction was so funny, I couldn’t help but laugh wit’a. “Nah. It’s too late for all’at. I already know I won.”

“Come on, Aug. Stop playin’.”

“I ain’t playin’. Why you make me chase you like that, huh?”

“I’m sorry, baby. I swear I’m sorry.” 

I let ha down and pinned ha to da back uh da couch, makin’ ha bend ova to the front. And she tried ta fight it, but I got ha to put ha thigh up ova the top. “Not as much as you gon’ be, ya heard me?” 

She smacked ha lips tryna be smart, so I smacked mine, too, mockin’ ha.


Then I opened ha up and gave ha every inch uh da dick. “What?”

“I fuckin’ hate you,” she ranted, grippin’ one uh the pillows. 

“Aww, mama, don’t do me dat.” 

I wrapped ha ponytail aroun’ my fist with one hand, grabbed ha thigh wit’ the otha, and I started tearin’ ha ass up; showin’ that pussy no sympathy. She couldn’t really do nothin’ ‘bout it, so she took to beatin’ the life outta my sofa, screamin’ my name. And, let me tell you, nobody could make my shit sound as good. She was actin’ all da way out. I loved it, though. The way ha voice bounced off the walls and the way she talked back ta me always gave me somethin’ ta look forward to. With that dirty ass mouth. I bet she had a lotta people fooled, but I knew betta. When she got dat good dick up in’a, she always cut up. Tellin’ me she hated me and shit. Too funny. I knew she didn’t hate me. If anything, she prob’ly hated how much she loved it. But she wasn’t alone. I can admit, the past few months had been pretty nice. At first, it felt like we mighta been gettin’ a lil too close, but I liked ha so I went wit’ it. I kept my guards up, though. But she was slowly breakin’ ‘em down. My time and space was two things that I had always cherished, but I really didn’t mind spendin’ most uh my days wit’ ha. Mainly because it was a stress free situation. Completely. We just had a lotta fun togetha. Yeah, this lil thing we had goin’ on was somethin’ like perfection. 

“You know…,” she moaned.

“What I know?”

“…Kore’s gon’… kill me!” 

I leaned ova and slowed my stroke, lickin’ on ha neck and whisperin’ in ha ear. I knew exactly how ta push ha ova the edge. “I can make it worth it.”

“…Fuck,” she whimpered. Right befo’ she reached back and grabbed my ass, tryna push me deepa.

“See? What I told ya?” I straightened up again, and she looked up at me and licked ha lips. Then she started throwin’ that thang back, rollin’ the hell out them hips. “Shit. Ok.” I gave ha the length she needed, and decided to chill and just let ha do ha thing. She was doin’ it, too. I watched ha booty bounce on my lap for a minute, but then I moved my gaze ova to a betta sight; ha face. She had a finger in ha mouth, suckin’ and lickin’ like ha whole life depended on it. And she kept ha eyes on mine. I just smiled and gave ha ass a good smack, causin’ ha to flinch. 

“Owww,” she giggled.

But then she slid that finger away from ha lips and grabbed the chair, frownin’ up at me. I smiled a lil wider as the sweet sounds of hyperventilation started to fill my room. This was one uh my favorite parts. I loved makin’ ha cum. 

She threw ha cheek into the pillow and ha wild moans drowned out every otha sound. I stayed still and ran the tips of my fingers ova the arches in her spine. And there was plenty of ‘em. She was buckin’ ha hips like a mad woman. All control was out the window, no doubt. She started to slow down after a while, then she bucked one last time. I already knew what it was. She was completely stiff, so I grabbed ha waist and started hittin’ ha wit’ a back breaker. She went nuts. 

“Was it worth it,” I decided to ask. She didn’t answer, but she was whinin’ like a muthafucka. “…Hmm?”

So fuckin’ worth it!” Her knee bent in front of mine and both them legs got ta shakin’. She dropped the one that had been on top uh da couch and stomped ha foot so hard. A few times. Hell, I moved mine out ha way. Then she grabbed the arm uh da chair, buried ha face, and ha whole body went limp. “…Oh my God,” she huffed, strugglin’ to breathe.

“Damn, that was quick.”

Wit’ ha face still in the pillow, she slowly raised ha arm and shot me a weak bird. “…Fuck. You.”

“Fuckin’ is what got you in this mess, no?” 

She finally turned ta look at me and she smacked ha lips. I started crackin’ up. By myself, of course. Then, outta nowhere, I felt ha pull the shit outta my balls. “Aaah, damn it!” I backed off and grabbed my sack while she cackled away. “Da fuck you do dat for? That shit ain’t funny either.” 

She didn’t even try to stop laughin’ as she ran ova to my bed. And she jumped right in and spread ‘em eagle, sittin’ up on ha elbows. In that moment, I knew exactly what she was tryna do. It wasn’t just ‘bout payback.

“You ain’t smooth at all,” I voiced, smilin’ at her wannabe slick ass. 

She laughed harder. “And you talk too fuckin’ much. Bring me that dick.” 

I shook my head and started comin’ outta my draws. Then I followed ha instructions and went ova to ha, slidin’ between ha legs. I helped ha outta ha top once I got comf’table, and she took it and dropped it to the flo’. I licked my lips and rubbed my hand up ha thigh, too ready for anotha roun’. She smiled at me and brought ha finger up to trace my jawline. She always talked about how perfect she thought it was. Weird self.

“We gon’ make it to da beach?” 

She just looked at me for a second, then we both fell out. 

“What you think?”



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